Lubbock County
Court Residential Treatment Center

"Achieving Positive Change Through Guidance and Education"
Facility Overview
The Lubbock County Community Corrections Facility/Court Residential Treatment Center (CRTC) opened its doors in March 1993, offering residential substance abuse & dependency services to adult males on community supervision. Currently, the CRTC facilitates four diverse treatment programs with the ability to house 164 offenders. The goals of the CRTC are to prevent relapse, prevent recidivism, and to promote living a meaningful and responsible life, through treatment for criminal conduct and substance use.

The CRTC offers education on criminal conduct, substance use, prosocial behaviors, and coping skills. The core curriculum of the Facility is Wanberg & Milkman’s “Criminal Conduct & Substance Abuse Treatment,” a cognitive-behavioral program that focuses on education and coping skills for both substance use and criminal thinking. The CRTC offers up to 30 different classes and groups to provide individualized treatment for each resident. Through this education and guidance, the CRTC promotes a crime-free life of recovery.