Referral Information


 All referrals must be screened for eligibility by the Screening Team,  composed of Probation, Treatment, and Medical staff.  


 Intake packets,  consisting of Original Judgment and Conditions of Community Supervision,  offense report, SCS/LSI-R, PSI, CCH, psychological information if  necessary, substance use information, and medical/TB screening, are  required for all potential residents.    

Still have questions?

Referral questions should be directed to the CRTC's Admissions Coordinator.

Admission Criteria


  •  Offenders must be male, 18 and older.
  •  Offenders must be experiencing drug and/or alcohol use problems. 
  •  Offenders must be court-ordered to the facility as a condition of felony or misdemeanor community supervision. 
  •  Offenders must be able to cognitively, physically, and emotionally participate in all program components. 
  •  Offenders who have committed a Title 5 offense, have used a weapon during the commission of their offense, or have caused serious bodily harm or death of another may be eligible for admission, but they will be screened for suitability to the CRTC on a case-by-case basis.