Treatment Services

Social Skills & Problem Solving

Commitment to Change

Relapse Prevention

Prosocial Skills

Individual Counseling

Addiction Education

Employability Skills

Finances & Budgeting

GED/ABE Program

Cognitive Behavioral Programming

Responsivity Groups

  • Anger Management
  • Relationships
  • Mental Health

Community Service Restitution (CSR)

Health Education

Meeting Terms & Conditions of Community Supervision

  • Alcohol Offender Program
  • Repeat Offender Program 
  • Drug Offender Education Program
  • Personal Development Seminar Course

Leisure & Recreational Activities

Core Curriculum


"Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment: Strategies For Self-Improvement and Change, Pathways to Responsible Living"

By Kenneth W. Wanberg & Harvey B. Milkman


The curriculum focuses on teaching residents three skill sets:

  1. Cognitive and Mental Self-Control Skills
  2. Social and Relationship Skills
  3. Community Responsibility Skills


Through the cognitive-behavioral approach, residents learn how their  thoughts lead to feelings and actions.  Changes in behavior begin with  changing the underlying attitudes, values, and beliefs that influence thoughts.